Get the Meghan Markle Look

Get the Meghan Markle Look

Meghan Markle has her own unique sense of style, Meghan is always impeccable in her presentation just like the Duchess of Cambridge.  We do not draw any similarities between the two, other than they both drive the internet crazy with their outfit choices, wherever they shop - the shop sells out!

We have been asked if the current umbrella is of our manufacture, looking at the pictures it is doubtful, however, it is VERY similar to our GM1 hardwood handle umbrella in Light Grey 025.  

Here is Meghan with her Blazer suit and Grey umbrella.

Below is our GM1 in Light Grey 025 with a made band, the similarities are uncanny apart from the Press Stud fitting which we do not use. Press Studs on umbrellas are typical of Chinese or Italian umbrellas.

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