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Recent Reviews

Recent Reviews

Hi Fox Umbrellas,

I have received the umbrella and it is a thing of beauty! We should have a light rain tomorrow, cannot wait : )

Alex J., USA

* * *

Dear Fox Umbrellas :

Yesterday, I received the umbrella you sent me.

I checked that the repair was completed and that the colour of the canopy was changed as I requested.

Thank you for the excellent repair.

Kwan-hyun K., South Korea

* * *


I am indeed most grateful of you and the team at Fox Umbrellas for the very... very speedy return, after the repair and modifications carried out and considering you have had two days lost to bank holidays!!.

I am absolutely delighted but unsurprised as it is a Fox Umbrella, a fabulous British product.

I look forward to many years accompanied by my lovely rain protector.

Once again, thank you Fox Umbrellas.

Kind regards,

Ray W., England

* * * 

Dear Fox Umbrellas,

I have just opened the package and the umbrella looks wonderful. Excellent attention to detail - I’m very pleased indeed.

Thank you very much to all involved!

David W. England

* * *

Hi Fox Umbrellas team,

I’ve just received the umbrella, and wanted to let you know immediately how thrilled I am. Astonishing craftsmanship.

Best regards,

David C., England



RS11 Hazel Knob Solid

RS11 Hazel Knob Solid

Dear Team Fox,

Merchant Ellys is synonymous with ecology, sustainability, integrity and dare I say, “ethically made,” as we harmonise with the natural environment. All inspired by our historical narrative.

Merchants have sailed the world for hundreds of years, to bring some of the finest materials known to us. However, in recent times, we seem to have been blown off course, by an overindulgence in synthetic materials, which, over time is a false economy (to us and the natural environment). The fact is, we have run out of landfill sites. Thus we cannot continue with our throw-away lifestyle.

Let us think back to, “form follows function,” because, I would like to say, “not all works of art can be, or should be kept in museums and galleries, to soothe our souls we need to have them functioning in our daily lives”.

I urge you to see a picture of the relief of the Persian King Xerxes with his umbrella being carried. Our umbrellas are so finely crafted by some of the world’s finest crafts women and men, we are happy to carry them ourselves.

Kind regards,

Clive T, England

Pictured: RS11 Hazel Knob Solid with a Wine 372 Canopy

RS15 Scorched Maple Solid With Stag Nose

RS15 Scorched Maple Solid With Stag Nose

Dear Fox Umbrella team,

Just wish to advise I have received my burnt maple with stag horn feature umbrella.

I am extremely happy with my purchase… the level of service and quality of the workmanship is superb.

Thank you again and look forward to future purchases.

Sean F., Australia

Pictured: RS15 Scorched Maple Solid with Stag Nose with a Silver Collar and Dark Green 790 canopy