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Fox Umbrellas put a lot of time and effort into each umbrella we produce, with the right aftercare your umbrella will last for years to come.

Whilst our umbrellas are made to a very high standard they are designed for normal weather conditions. You should not take your umbrella out very strong winds or lightning storms.  In very strong winds rain does not fall vertically as the wind “drives” the rain at more of an angle, no umbrella will protect you in these types of conditions.  Wind damage does not constitute a faulty frame.

Always open the umbrella pointing downwards, lift the ribs slightly and slide the umbrella open.

After use, make sure you leave your umbrella open to dry (whenever possible).

Do not allow water on the underside of your umbrella and then close it, this will eventually cause rust. 

When the umbrella is completely dry it should be furled carefully. Hold the handle and gently pull out any fabric that has been caught in the ribs when closing it down. Then lightly move your hand from the top of the umbrella in a circular motion, smoothing the fabric without twisting the ribs over each other. The “E”Band can then be fastened.

Never leave your umbrella wet and creased up, this will eventually cause damage to the fabric of the umbrella and will cause rust on the steel frame.  Please note prolonged exposure to sunlight will cause the fabric to fade.

Do not expose the umbrella to heat sources when storing the umbrella. Prolonged exposure to heat may cause the handle of the umbrella to “unbend”. For example, leaving the umbrella against or near a radiator or being left on the parcel shelf/rear seat of a car. 

How to furl your Fox umbrella Video