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When measuring yourself for an umbrella or walking stick, it is important to remember that everyone has different proportions, i.e. if you had a selection of people who are 6ft tall, they would have different arm and leg measurements - which will determine the overall size of the umbrella/walking stick.

As a guide only, many people would fall into the following categories:
5ft 5” to 5ft 7”
34” Long

5ft 7” to 5ft 9”
35” Long

5ft 9” to 6ft
36” Long (standard size umbrella - most commonly sold)

6ft to 6ft 2”
37” Long

6ft 2” +
38”/39” Long depending on height

As an example our Manufacturing Director is 5ft 9” tall and can use either a 35” or a 36” long umbrella, he finds both sizes comfortable.

Our Managing Director is 6ft 1” tall and can use a 36” long umbrella but finds the 37” long slightly more comfortable.

We would always recommend you measure yourself for a Stick, Solid or Walking Stick.


To measure yourself for a Stick, Solid or Walking stick please take the following steps.

1) Ensure you are wearing shoes you would usually wear when using the umbrella/walking stick

2) Measure the length from the floor to your wrist (with a slight bend in your arm)