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RS8 Oak Solid with a Rolled Gold Collar fitted

A collar is a metal band fitted around the handle of an umbrella or walking stick.

Collars provide an additional opportunity to personalise your umbrella by offering three different materials to choose from, as well as the possibility to add engravings.


Collars are available in Rolled Gold, Nickel, and Hallmarked Silver.

Our sterling silver collar is the top of the range and comes with a 925 proof stamp. As any other silver material, this type of collar will tarnish over time but its shine can easily be restored by polishing it with a silver cloth. Thanks to its hallmarked date letter, Silver Collars can be helpful when dating old umbrellas.  

Nickel collars offer the brilliant look of silver without the need for maintenance as nickel does not require polishing.

If you prefer a gold finish then our 9ct rolled gold collar will be the perfect addition to your new umbrella.


Left to right: Rolled Gold Collar, Hallmarked Silver Collar and Nickel Collar

How are collars fitted?

Our collars come in large sheets of each material which are cut to size, engraved (if required), rolled, bevelled, glued and then pinned to the handle.