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How to furl your Fox umbrella

How to furl your Fox umbrella

The best way to keep your Fox umbrella looking sharp is to roll it neatly when not in use.

After use, leave the umbrella open to dry. Once the umbrella is completely dry it should be furled carefully, it is simple, just follow these steps:

  1. Hold the umbrella by the handle and tips with your right hand.
  2. Gore by gore, gently pull out any fabric that has been caught in the ribs when closing the umbrella down. Hold each gore in position with your right hand as you go.
  3. Lightly move your hand from the top of the umbrella in a circular motion, smoothing the fabric without twisting the ribs over each other and making sure that the folds are in the correct position on the iron lines.
  4. Once you are happy with the folds the band can be fastened.

    You can see a video demonstration here (full sized umbrellas)
    Telescopic video demonstration here

    When storing your umbrella away, remember to avoid direct sunlight as the exposed fabric can fade over time. It is also important to avoid keeping your umbrella in places such as porches, cars and on radiators as the changes in temperature and humidity can damage the handle.

    Umbrella Repairs and Restorations

    Umbrella Repairs and Restorations

    We frequently receive enquires from customers who wish to know whether their umbrella is suitable for restoration or repairs. Maybe they inherited a family heirloom, found a long-lost umbrella in the loft, managed to bag a bargain on a vintage piece or simply damaged their Fox Umbrella when out and about…

    The good news is that we are usually able to repair our umbrellas and most of the time the repairs are cost effective when compared to the price of purchasing a new umbrella!

    … what about other brands?

    We are happy to repair other umbrella makes as long as we have the correct parts to carry out the work needed.

    If your umbrella was made in England chances are that we will be able to repair it, however, mass-produced umbrellas made abroad are rarely a fit for our components. In any case, we are always open to have a look and confirm if a repair is possible.

    To have your umbrella assessed for repairs all you need to do is email a few pictures and once we see them, we should be able to identify the umbrella, its age, condition and any obvious issues requiring attention. With this we will provide you with an idea of the repair costs and instructions on how to send your umbrella to our factory in Shirley.

    We do not believe in a disposable society. With the right care and precautions, your Fox Umbrella will last for many years to come!