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E.Band Vs M.Band

E.Band Vs M.Band

Fox Umbrellas offers two different types of bands to secure umbrellas when not in use: elastic bands (E.Bands) and made/material bands (M.Bands).

E.Bands are made from elastic and are very forgiving when furling an umbrella (rolling the umbrella up after use).  Most customers find the E.Band the simplest to use on a day-to-day basis.  Over time, E.Bands may need replacing as like all elasticated material they eventually stretch with wear, however, replacement E.Bands are readily available from our factory. E.bands come as standard for our tube umbrellas. 

E.Bands with made tabs are elastic bands with hand sewn tabs and are offered on our GS, MS and RS ranges. 

A Made Band (M.Band) is made to measure from the same material as the canopy.  In order to secure the M.Band correctly, the umbrella would need to be furled neatly. The advantage a M.Band has over an E.Band is that it will not stretch/perish with age.

Telescopic umbrellas have Made Bands with velcro as standard.

Umbrellas with Made Bands can be ordered in the bespoke umbrellas section on our online shop.